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The 20' race loft Notice the settling cage and bath pan also used as portable aviary there are no permanent aviaries on this loft. I believe that predators will make the race birds nervous and I wish to keep them calm. Ventilation windows have an inside shield to protect and keep the  birds calm  The center corridor of the racing loft There are 3 sections in this loft The end section is equiped with extra perches during the Y.B. season. During O.B. racing the solid door slide helpes to seperate the old from the young and keeps the old racing cocks calm. The center section of the racing loft is primarily used for the cocks but it can also be used to stimulate the hens if using the   celibate or lesbian system for motivation. Dropping can be scraped to back of boxes and down to the floor then collected. The wire panel keeps the birds out    The larger of two breeder lofts One section of this loft is used primarily for pumpers and experimental pairings with non family members or new additions. This prevents accidental contamination of the family.  Breeder section with winter perches. The perches are not removed during breeding season. The young are weaned late (30 to 45 days) and they use the perches until weaned.The smaller of the 2 breeder lofts notice the broken vent windows courtesy of racoons an inside wire shield protects the birds and keeps them calm During the breeding season the pairs are locked in the boxes over night and this helps as well This is the individual breeder boxes with winter perches set in front of them. Notice the plexiglass slide pans are stored inside the box. The small thin purch 1"x 2" x 7" are great for cleaning only the floors need to be done.  The individual breeder boxes they are 28"H x 32"W x 24" D There are 4 boxes to a side. The 12' Loft has 2 identical sides and only one pair is allowed out at any one time. The pairs are alternated so that each pair is out at least once every other day or more often if time permits.The individual breeder box during breeding season Notice the slide pan for collection of droppings. Birds are on grid floors and have feeder cups for nutrition. Large 1" x 2"  garden wire is used for easy feeding from the outside of the box and the birds have undisturbed access.     The slide pan in open position note the plexiglass bottom This allows for proper monitoring of condition of the pair at all times as there is no absorbtion It also permits very easy cleaning and disinfection when necessaryThe roof venting system for all the lofts are symilar The hot air rises into the upper area and goes out via the ridge and 3 roof vents  fresh air comes in via the lower venting windows. Ray with the lofts and "BONNIE" Daughter of LOLITA & One of the lofts champions. This is an older picture kept to remind me of earlier days when I was smarter, more fit, better looking and had dark hair.
.Deb-Ray Torres Loft
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Cold memories of 2010 It is getting harder & harder to go out there.
I know te birds ate. What about me?
My gal and I