Deb-Ray Torres Loft

Loft Resume

The Competition
Central Jersey Combine (CJC) Average 300+ Lofts, 3000+ Birds
The Northeast Union Average 600+ lofts,  6500+ birds
(America’s Largest Organized Competition)
The Paterson & Westside Clubs

National Awards Earned
10x 1st AU Presidents Cup - Large Category
2x Grand All American – Racing Pigeon Bulletin
3x American Champion Loft 300+ lofts Div. – Thoroughbred
2x YB - 1st Big All American – Racing Pigeon Bulletin
2x American Ace Loft 2000+ division – Racing Pigeon Digest
IF OB Champion Loft Large Division
IF YB Champion Loft Large Division
2008 YB Champion Loft 150 + loft Large division
Several Ace, Champion Bird & Hall Of Fame Bird Awards

Local Awards Earned
1999 Northeast Union Grand Champion Overall & Middle Dist.
1998 Northeast Union Grand Champion 1st Middle Dist. & 4th Overall
3x Central Jersey Combine Grand Champion Overall
Many CJC Overall & Section Average Speed Awards
Several Hall of Fame Individual Bird Awards earned

This is the only loft to have ranked 1st & 2nd pl. Grand Champion loft Overall  in the same year in the history of the Central Jersey Combine
& it was done 2 times in 1992 & 1993!
Due to a Loft fire we did not complete 1994 & 1995
1997 CJC Grand Champion Overall
1998 CJC 2nd Grand Champion Overall
1999 CJC Combine YB Average speed
1999 North American YB Ace Loft - 2000+ Div 1  RP Digest
2000 1st CJC Grand Champ North Section 2nd Overall
2001 CJC 2nd Grand Champ North Section  4th Overall
2002 CJC 1st & 2nd Grand Champ North Section  2nd & 3rd Overall
2003 CJC 1st Grand Champ North Section  3rd Overall
2006 CJC YB Champion Loft points 1st & 6th Overall - 1st & 2nd No. Section
2006 CJC YB Average speed 1st & 2nd No. Section 2nd & 3rd Overall
2006 Y B Champion Loft and 1st Average speed Paterson & Westside Clubs
2008 CJC OB Average speed 1st & 3rd No. Section – 2nd & 6th Overall
2008 CJC YB Average speed 4th & 5th No. Section – 7th & 9th Overall
2008 OB 1st Average speed Paterson & Westside Clubs
2008 YB 1st Average Speed Westside Club 3rd Paterson Club
2008 Overall North American Grand Champion Loft R.P. Digest
2008 North American Old Bird Ace Loft R.P.Digest Division 1
2008 North American Ace Young Bird Loft 4th - Div. 1 R.P.Digest 
2010 I.F O.B. Champion Loft Large Division
2010 2nd & 7th CJC OB Overall 1st & 3rd North Section Average Speed
Champion Birds
2008 OB we bred 3rd – 13th - & 50th CJC Champion birds
2009 OB season bred - 3rd - 6th  & 8th CJC OB Champion birds
2009 YB we bred 1st South Section & Overall also  1st North Section & 2nd Overall & 28th CJC Champion YB. Overall  for 2 separate handlers
2010 OB we bred 6th – 8th – 16th – 62 & 103 place CJC Champion birds
2010 YB we bred 26th 7 89TH place CJC Champion birds
2011 OB we bred 9th 13th 18th 36th 39th 47th 115th CJC Champion birds
2011 YB we bred 8th-21st-26th-29th-35th CJC Champion Birds (we only entered 7 races)
2012 OB we bred 21st-76th-88th-91st CJC Champion Bird
2012 YB we bred 3rd-25th-38th-81st CJC Champion Birds (we only entered 8 races)
I.F. Champion "ORGASM"
"Rouge" and "ORGASM"
For more information on Ray Torres go to the Racing Pigeon Digest Archives go to T for Torres Ray
Contact Information
Ray Torres
Mailing address; P.O.Box 178
Little Falls, N.J. 07424
Ph. (973) 785-2222