It is important to have an impressive group of breeders with good pedigrees and traceable records. These breeders however are useless no matter the paper they offer or the price paid if they cannot consistently reproduce great racers generation after generation. It is the key to long term success.
In this the CURRENT CHAMPS page is further proof of how important the generational reproduction ability of a family truly is.
We proudly present some of our

From a Brother of Schellens "STAR" mated to daughter of MARIPOSA
2014 - 5th CJC OB Champion bird overall

6/8/14 300 mi. OB Whc Club win -  4th CJC  vs  1878 B
5/31/14 400 mi. OB Whc Club win - 27th CJC vs 2017 B
5/23/14  300 mi. OB 5th Whc Club - 224 CJC vs 2493 B
5/11/14 250 mi. OB Whc Club win - 13th CJC vs 2681B
5/4/14 200 mi. OB 8th Whc Club - 100th CJC vs 2666 B
6/15/13 300 mi. OB Whc Club Win - !8th CJC vs 1571 B
5/5/13 200 mi. OB Whc Club Win - 23rd CJC vs 2601 B
10/14/12 300 mi. YB 9th Whc Club - 80th CJC vs 1157 B
9/29/12 200 mi. YB 2nd Whc Club - 43rd CJC vs 2129 B
LA REINA DE EL CIELLO - It means queen of the sky because I feel she is just that.  When ready she comes to win as is evidenced by her 7 wins to date. Another Gr.daughter of Shellens JEWEL and the Super Vooruit. When mated to a daughter of Champion Mariposa (She is a daughter of the Super 30 Pair). This type of crossing is what breeding champions is all about. When not just one pair of a particular cross works but several pairs of the same breeding can produce winners, multiplke winners and the elusive champion we all seek. Multiple winners from The GOOEDE JAARLING / SUPER VOORUIT line of Schellens have made an impact.

From a Son of Super 30 mated to daughter of Schellens Super Vooruit
2014 - 50th CJC OB Chamion bird overall

6/8/14 300 mi. OB Paterson Club win -  24 CJC vs 1878B
5/31/14 400 mi. OB 2nd Paterson Club - 31st CJC vs 2017B
5/4/14 200 mi. OB 8th Paterson Club - 49th CJC vs 2666B
4/25/14 200 mi. OB 2nd Paterson Club - 222nd CJC vs 2735 B
4/19/14 150 mi. OB 2nd Paterson Club - 168th CJC vs 2558 B
WAIT A MINUTE - So named because she insists on taking a minute before she actually decides to trap. Even when she won she wasted over a minute and was still good enough to win. If she trapped better her record would be much more impressive. She is another example of how well these Schellens are doing especially when crossed to the ROUGE line.

AU13TOR13104 BB C - "BOY TOY"
From a Son of Champion Orgasm & Schellens (Another brother of Schellens Star)

6th CJC Champion Young Bird overall
8/13/13  100 mi. YB Pat Club win -  8th  CJC vs 3052B
9/15/13  200 mi. YB 2nd Pat Club - 33rd CJC vs 2988B
9/22/13  250 mi. YB Pat Club win - 46th CJC vs 2650B
9/29/13  250 mi. YB Pat Club win - 35th CJC vs 2001B
"BOY TOY" - A triple winner with this grandson of my Schellens JEWEL & the Super Vooruit. This is a different cross as the ORGASM hen goes back to some of the oldest bloodlines of the Torres family. I cant say enough of just how much  the GOOEDE JAARLING / SUPER VOORUIT line of Schellens have contributed to the overall improvement of the breeder team as  s evidenced by the performance of their offspring. 

Champion Young Bird - Westside Club
CJC Champion Bird - 1st No. Sect. - 2nd Overall
(she was beaten in the CJC overall only by another Torresbred raced by Battleridge loft)
10/11/09286 mi 15 LOFTS - 207 B 7th WHC Club
10/11/09286 mi164 LOFTS - 2247 B     60thCJC Combine
09/20/09262 mi 13 LOFTS - 201 B 1st WHC Club
09/20/09262 mi192 LOFTS - 2328 B4th      CJC Combine
09/05/09210 mi  14 LOFTS - 218 B 4thWHC Club
09/05/09210 mi204 LOFTS - 2691 B      74th      CJC Combine
08/30/09159 mi  13 LOFTS - 219 B1st       WHC Club
08/30/09159 mi212 LOFTS - 3325 B      1st       CJC Combine
RYTHM IN MOTION has proven her worth as a super breeder as well. In 2011her first breeding season she is the dam of 2011 Paterson Club winner at  300 mi YB and also 2nd in the CJC vs 1643 Birds
also 20th in the 400mi yb Paterson Air Derby
In 2012 (her second breeding season) she bred Tor 12002 a BB C
  3rd CJC Champion Bird Overall
This one male raced only 5 times accomplished the folowing YB record
   250 mi Pat Club win - 2nd CJC vs 2427B
   300 mi Pat Club win - 8th CJC vs 1816B
   300 mi Pat Club win - 23rd CJC vs 1157B
"RYTHM IN MOTION" An exciting YB She earned CJC Champion 1st North Sect. & 2nd overall. Further evidence that the LOLITA blood is strong and pre-potent. She is a daughter of a linebred LOLITA and linebred VIEJO. These old lines of the family are still producing champions for me for over 30 years, generations from the originals. She is not alone her two sisters are also a very good racers and showing a lot of promise. This is just a start for this super girl. After a scare with a hawk and because she is physically perfect and has proven what she can do she has now been retired to the breeding team. She is medium in size with very supple muscule and apple bodied that feels like she is always ready for her next race. I am optimistic that she will be an even better breeder than her ancestors if that is even possible. In 2013 a daughter of RYTHM has bred a triple winner 

IF 09 DRTOR 9100 BB H -  "Lady Jordan"
Daughter of Schellens Star when mated to Evolution
CJC 1st Champion Bird Overall
(Handled by Tom Fahmie's Battleridge Loft)
150 mi - 2nd club  -  4th CJC combine 2871 B
100 mi - 3rd club   - 7th CJC Combine 2755 B
200 mi - 4th club   - 16th CJC Combine 2581 B
350 mi - 10th Paterson Air Derby Futurity
500 mi - 5th club   - 15th CJC Combine 2082 B

"Lady Jordan" One of 5 siblings that are all scoring from a really exciting first time pairing. Her sire is EVOLUTION a son of champion "NITRO," who is a son of the ROUGE our foundation cock. Her dam is our newest family member and a daughter of the DNA certified daughter of Karel Schellens the "GOEDE JARLING" son of his foundation pair and when mated to a direct son of "SUPER VOORUIT".  The crossing of our Schellens onto our ROUGE family has been nothing short of  amazing. As is proven here they score from 100 to 500 miles. Three of the five born won really high positions in the CJC races vs 2500 birds. More importantly one of them topped the 300 mi CJC Combine OB vs. 2570 birds. Another has 2 scores a 58th & a 76th and of course as shown above Lady Jordan scored 4 positions no worse tha 16th vs an average 2600+ birds.
We are currently seeing many more champions from the blending of these lines.
Special thanks to Tom Fahmie for the great handling and help in proving this combination.

In 2013 A late hatch 1/2 sister to ROSE has reportedly won 3 Y,B races for her handler She has also come back to win 2 times @ 300 mile Old Bird events for Dave Gross of Jorneys End Loft of Pooler, Georgia. The rose has now been retired to the breeding team.

05/20/12262192 LOFTS - 2645 B4THCJC Combine
05/20/12262   9 LOFTS - 128 B 1STWestside Club
2010 CJC Combine 8th Champion bird Overall

Click on picture for additional record for "RELIABLE ROSE"

If 08 DRTOR 8063  "CRUTCHES"
The best thing of this guy is the line of family he comes from with multiple winners for generations. Triple winners are not uncommon in the line as is evident by his record. Even after some pretty severe injuries It all started with a very special bird called "The Perfect 10". He was almost destroyed by a hawk and still went on to win 5 of 6 races entered for his handler. Then he became a great breeder.
His g.grandson "CRUTCHES" won 3 races @ 150, 250 & 300 and a 2nd but equal first @ 300 mi and a 6th @ 300mi. The amazing thing is that like his g.grfather he did this after breaking both legs as a yb. I think that is pretty impressive and its been done multiple times by the same line.His record is as follows.
10/19/08  300 mi. YB WHC Club =win -  15th  CJC vs 1828B
5/23/09  250 mi. OB WHC Club win - 6th CJC vs 2379B
5/29/10  300 mi. OB Pat Club win - 5th CJC vs 2570B
4/19/11  150 mi. OB WHC Club win - 111th CJC vs 2829B

AU 03 TOR 3103 Blue Splash C - "NITRO"
AU Registered Champion
10/19/03286     17 LOFTS - 202 B 3rd    Pat Club
10/19/03286   226 LOFTS - 2466 B43rd  CJC Combine
04/18/04210     16 LOFTS - 218 B   4th  Pat. Club
04/18/04210   250 LOFTS - 3005 B22nd        CJC Combine
04/25/04210     15 LOFTS _182 B  1st   Pat Club
04/25/04219   219 LOFTS - 2539 B3rd   CJC Combine
05/01/04262     16 LOFTS _ 158 B       13th Pat Club
05/01/04262   184 LOFTS - 1989 B37th CJC Combine
05/08/04262   186 LOFTS - 1953 B41st CJC Combine
05/22/04408     15 LOFTS _ 161 B 1st   Pat Club
05/22/04408   153 LOFTS - 1360 B20th CJC Combine
NITRO was retired from racing in 2005 I felt he would be more valued as a breeder. He is a son of the great "ROUGE" and a grson of the famous "LOLITA" two of my most valued foundation birds of today's family. He proved me right as he has sired multiple winners including an AU Champion and with several hens. He is truly a genetic fountain on both sides of the pedigree! Several of his Children as well as grchildren are also producing some super racers.

IF 06 WTCM 1994 BB H - "TAR BABY"
AU Registered Champion
I F Registered Champion

05/10/09210 mi16 LOFTS - 199 B 1st    WHC Club
05/10/09210 MI      194 LOFTS - 2727 B       95th         CJC Combine
05/23/09262 mi13 LOFTS - 143 B 3rd    WHC Club
05/23/09262 mi     175 LOFTS - 2379 B       48th         CJC Combine
05/31/09286 mi12 LOFTS - 136 B 1st    WHC Club
05/31/09286 mi      171 LOFTS - 2296 B      7th    CJC Combine
06/14/09286 mi13 LOFTS - 120 B 1st    WHC Club
06/14/09286 mi      155 LOFTS - 1844 B      28th  CJC Combine
04/14/08159 mi19 LOFTS - 321 B  4th   Pat Club
04/14/08159 mi      179 LOFTS - 2560 B      52nd  CJC Combine
05/19/08262 mi19 LOFTS - 309 B  2nd   Pat Club
05/19/08262 mi      177 LOFTS - 2548 B55th  CJC Combine
08/13/06114 mi      188 LOFTS - 2844 B51st  CJC Combine
10/15/06262 mi20 LOFTS - 262 B  5th    PAT Club
10/15/06262 mi      173 LOFTS - 2196 B22nd CJC Combine

TAR BABY - So named because she came home loaded with Tar and many of her feathers had to be stripped and molted as a result she lost 1 1/2 seasons and still she earned a great record. I often wonder how great a record she could have earned if she had not lost so much time. Much of her success was earned as a three year old. She is a fantastic full bodied hen with muscle and strength to spare. When in racing form she exudes a robustness about her that very few carry. She is a daughter of AU champion NITRO. NITRO was retired after just one YB and one OB season from racing in 2005. I felt he would be more valued as a breeder. My hunch was correct. Tar Baby is a sister to several winners and some very special breeders .She is a gr. daughter of the great "ROUGE" My foundation cock and a gr. daughter of the famous "LOLITA" two of my most valued foundation birds of today's family. She is truly a genetic fountain of prepotency and champion caliber performance on both sides of the pedigree! Several of her brothers and sisters are also producing some super racers. I am sure that when I move her to the breeding team she will produce those fantastic results as well. 

AU 07 TOR 7003 BCHWFT H - “La Mariposa”
I F Registered Champion
AU Registered "Elite Champion"

4/26/09210 MI18 LOFTS - 279 B2ND PAT Cl.
4/26/09210 MI188 LOFTS - 2803 B    29th CJC Combine
5/10/09210 mi21 LOFTS - 329 B       4th   PAT CL
5/10/09210 MI      194 LOFTS - 2727 B     97th        CJC Combine
5/22/09262 MI18 LOFTS - 270 B3rd   PAT CL
5/22/09262 MI175 LOFTS - 2379 B    28th CJC Combine
6/06/09408 MI17 LOFTS - 253 B1st   PAT CL
6/06/09408 MI169 LOFTS - 2071 B    4th   CJC Combine
4/27/08219 MI      186 LOFTS - 2511 B      21st                CJC Combine
6/14/09286 MI15 LOFTS - 190 B 8th  PAT CL
6/01/08408 MI        164 LOFTS - 2200 B     48th      CJC Combine
6/08/08286 MI 151 LOFTS - 1964 B    9th CJC Combine
6/15/08486 MI157 LOFTS - 2354 B    21st       CJC Combine
9/30/07262 MI       146 LOFTS - 1848 B      49thCJC Combine

La Mariposa - (the butterfly) So called due to a bad habit of fluttering around before actually landing. She developed it as youngster and it cost her a couple of wins. Every once in a while a truly super pigeon comes along that just sets the bar a bit higher. Mariposa is such an athlete! She is a daughter of the BOOMER and THE WALLFLOWER. They are known as THE SUPER 30 PAIR that makes her a gr. daughter & gr. gr. daughter of the great "ROUGE"  This makes her sister of many winners including AU champion, LEGACY, and other great champion racers and breeders.  She herself earned 9 CJC diplomas 8 of them no worse than 49th & 6 in the top 30 positions with an average of 2500 birds competing. MARIPOSA is exciting because she further proves that genetic inbreeding or line breeding and high level performance are attainable with the right family! The key is not just the breeding but the testing and confirmation that the winning ability continues to be passed on within the family. When this occurs success is inevitable.  Like many of her family when in form she feels like cork in the hand with a feather texture that is absolutely beautiful. She is an average size girl that due to her record is a giant in the loft. 

AU 06  Tor  6070  BB  H    “ORGASM”
I.F. Registered Champion  & now Champion Breeder
09/17/06159 mi  21 LOFTS - 322B 1st   Pat Club
09/17/06        159 mi202 LOFTS - 2960 B     6th         CJC Combine
10/08/06262 mi  16 LOFTS - 208 B1st   Pat Club
10/08/06       262 mi 205 LOFTS - 2647 B     11th       CJC Combine
05/06/07210 mi  19 LOFTS - 260 B2nd=1st   Pat Club
05/06/07210 mi        197 LOFTS - 2687 B     37th CJC Combine
05/26/07286 mi  18 LOFTS - 253 B        1st   Pat Club
05/26/07286 mi170 LOFTS -  2310 B     9th CJC Combine
06/09/07286 mi  17 LOFTS - 225 B 3rd   Pat Club
06/09/07286 mi146 LOFTS - 1853 B      24th CJC Combine
05/24/08286 mi  20 LOFTS - 307 B 1st   Pat Club
05/24/08286 mi 286 LOFTS - 2438 B      11th CJC Combine
06/01/08408 mi  20 LOFTS - 298 B  2nd PAT Club
06/01/08408 mi       164 LOFTS - 2200 B      14th CJC Combine

Orgasm - She was retired after her 2008 season. After winning 5 races and scoring 5 times in the top 15 in the CJC against an average of 2500 birds in those races. She is now a new member of the breeding team. Her lineage goes back to my old original Janssen line the Theo Hartogs, Janssens including Viejo, sire of 21 individual winners and some great breeders. This bloodline has been winning for over 30 years. ORGASM was so named when a friend handled her and he quoted”handling her is better than sex it’s like an orgasm”. I don’t know if I agree but the name stuck. However, many have handled this great girl and unanimously agree that she is quality like few others. She is a full bodied girl with soft muscle yet in form she carried strength but no volume. She is also aggressive. When she claims a perch or a box, intruder bewares because she will not only throw them out she will chase them for a while. That is the spirit that she inherited as VIEJO acted the same way. 
In 2012 she bred 8th CJC champion bird.  300 mi 1st vs 1674B & 250 mi 11th vs 2466 B
In 2013 she was mated to a SCHELLENS brother of STAR and bred ROMEO a triple winner for me.

AU 06 TOR 6025  BB  H
09/04/06159 mi20 LOFTS - 290 B2nd       PAT Club
09/04/06159 mi.       211 lofts - 3255 B 17th     CJC Combine
09/17/06159 mi14 LOFTS - 179 B1stWHC Club
09/17/06        159 mi.202 lofts - 2960 B5thCJC Combine
05/20/07159 mi17 LOFTS - 254 B3rdPat Club
05/20/07159 MI175 LOFTS - 2473 B    44th      CJC Combine
6025 She showed much promise to be a great racer but after an encounter with a hawk in 2008, she lost her spirit and she was raced for the 09 and 010 season but did not perform well. She will probably be tried as a breeder. From the Aladdin and 101 lines. She is a 1/2 sister to RELIABLE ROSE

AU 06 TOR 6075  BCH  H “Legacy”
AU Registered Champion
05/12/07262 mi16 LOFTS - 231 B2ndPat Club
05/12/07262 mi169 LOFTS - 2279 B    47th       CJC Combine
09/10/06159 mi22 LOFTS - 253 B       3rd=1st   PAT Club
09/10/06       159 mi 242 LOFTS - 3495 B   11th      CJC Combine
10/08/06262 mi8 LOFTS - 72 B    1st WHC
10/08/06262 mi205 LOFTS - 2647 B    19th      CJC Combine
10/29/06286 mi20 LOFTS - 276 B        3rd  Pat Club
10/29/06286 mi159 LOFTS - 2058 B    30th       CJC Combine
05/04/08219 mi21 LOFTS - 335 B        6th  Pat Club
05/04/08219 mi177 LOFTS - 2433 B    38th       CJC Combine
06/11/10408 mi14 LOFTS - 189 B2NDPat Club
06/11/10408 mi135 LOFTS - 1710 B    11THCJC Combine

Legacy is a daughter of the Super 30 pair and double gr.daughter of the great "ROUGE"  She has been retired from racing and is now on the breeding team. If she follows in her brothers & sisters steps she will make a championship calibre breeder but even more important because she is a proven linebred performer. She is a sister to MARIPOSA & other great champions. Legacy as her sister MARIPOSA is exciting because she further proves that genetic inbreeding and high level performance are attainable with the right family! When this occurs success is inevitable! She is now a very good producer in the stock loft as well with several winners to her breeding credit.

AU 06 TOR  6066 BB H
04-15-12159.322203 LOFTS - 2713 B    21ST     CJC combine
04-15-12159.32210 LOFTS - 131 B1STWestside Club
09-17-06159 MI202 LOFTS - 2960 B32nd    CJC Combine
05/06/07210 mi12 LOFTS - 260 B   1st PAT Club
05-06-07210 mi197 LOFTS - 2687 B36nd    CJC Combine
05/20/07159 mi17 LOFTS - 254 B   4thPAT Club
05-20-07159 mi175 LOFTS - 2743 B47th    CJC Combine
04-14-08159 mi179 LOFTS - 2560 B51st    CJC Combine
6066 - Daughter of the Contender when mated to a daughter of the PERFECT PAIR, Heartbreak and the Perfect 10 .  A little hen with a lot of character which is so typical of her family.

Contact Information
Ray Torres
Mailing address; P.O.Box 178
Little Falls, N.J. 07424
Ph. (973) 785-2222
Proven old line winning families must always be improved. THE SCHELLENS have made such an impact. Visit the family tree page for more info.
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Reliable Rose
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